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I remember staying up listening to WHFS (back in the day before it changed over to a Tropical Latin format) and flipping shit whenever this song came up.

I’ve always cited Everlong as being the song that instantaneously changed my opinion of what music should and could be, but these guys came at a time too when it was just fun to be rebellious.

I seriously don’t know how my parents put up with me back then!



1962 Telecaster and Fender Deluxe.

Gary Love sent in this photo of his beautiful combination without any accompanying notes - but it pretty much just speaks for itself though, doesn’t it?

Teeming with envy!

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There IS hope….

And 17,000 tracks is a good start.

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The best Christmas ever.

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I can’t believe how much this dude has grown since we moved to Delaware. Last night, I cleaned his home to find small bits of scute scattered about. After his bath, I flipped him over to find a larger scute clinging to my palm. This can only mean one thing, really. I’m going to need an even bigger tank in the very near future….


It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

Abraham Maslow
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Completely unplanned trip to the island in the morning. I hope things were left mostly as I remember them….

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"Fuck You Sandy!"

His words, not mine.

In all seriousness, please, please be as careful as possible out there. Sheldon and I have made it through safely and we wish you all the same luck.

Best Wishes from Central DE,
J. (and of course Sheldon)

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To My Fellow Delawarriors (And East Coast-ers Too)

NOTE: Being that this is an election year, I would like to make it perfectly clear that there are absolutely NO political undertones intended in this post. In no way should this be considered an endorsement for any party in any upcoming election. In fact, please also note that I very much dislike politics and don’t identify with any major party. Thank you.

Just before six this evening, I sat down with a beer to unwind after a long day of intense preparation for the coming “Megastorm” (I learned this term while visiting the Weather Channel’s webpage ad nauseum today). I began to scour state government websites and hurricane tracking sites so that I could learn as much about the storm as possible, which ishalf of the battle. Eventually, I grew frustrated and concerned by cynics and their outpouring diatribes that I found to be extremely insensitive. What was more though was the lack of action I felt had taken by the state of Delaware. This concern subsequently prompted me to shoot out an e-mail to our Governor around 6:30 p.m. The intention of my letter was to point out the concerns that I’ve had these last twenty-four hours and not to attack him or his staff personally. What follows is my un-edited e-mail to Governor Markell.

RE: Hurricane Sandy

Dear Governor Markell,

I am concerned for the state of Delaware and its citizens with the impending storm that threatens our coastlines over the next couple of days. Mostly, my concerns revolve around the current State of Emergency or “stressed” Limited State of Emergency.

Regardless as to what sort of“State of Emergency” we are currently in, I feel that charging citizens at the tollbooths is an atrocity. Ensuring that the citizens of your state have a safe escape route should be an obligation as our head decision maker and not something to capitalize on. I read earlier today that management of the tollbooths was something you had learned from last year’s visit with Irene.

Before Irene paid a visit to my small town last year, I learned that an adequate plan of action was postponed until the point that I no longer felt safe leaving to head to my hometown in Maryland where the effects were much less severe. New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia as I remember, had all declared a State of Emergency before such things passed here. Postponing action with a storm that has already been deemed one of the most powerful cyclones to hit the East Coast in years, will lead to confusion and uncertainty that could lead to the loss of human life, and this is something that concerns me very deeply.

To be honest with you, I had to Google search the definition of a (Limited) State of Emergency as to me this is a very vague description of what one might expect to see outside. To this point in time, I’m still not at all certain as to the status of our State of Emergency or our Limited (stressed) State of Emergency.

I only hope that my fellow Delawareans are able to figure these sorts of things out for themselves (although the street on which I live is still quite busy). Perhaps we’ll know before we lose power, internet, or communications with our concerned loved ones.

In conclusion, I am glad that I used my remaining time with power and internet to share my concerns with you.

A. Delawarrior**

Less than a half an hour later, I received a response from a member of Governor Markell’s staff thanking me for expressing my concerns and making note of the fact that DelDOT had waived all Route 1 tolls as of noon today. While I wasn’t entirely sure if this was information intended for my use or a correction of the statement I had previously made, I determined it was more likely a correction considering that none of the other issues had been addressed.

In either case, I do maintain that public safety should not be cashed in on especially from the instant that any evacuation or State of Emergency plan is initiated. Citizens that pay the tolls are paying on a sometimes daily basis for the maintenance of those routes and likewise the state should ensure that “maintenance”of its citizens is just as important.

Be safe in these coming days my fellow East Coast-ers and Delawarriors alike!

**This isn’t my real name nor how I actually chose to end my letter to Governor Markell. Although this is what I am, I just used my real name.